A special thanks to the friends and donors who have supported Vassar over the years.
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A Message from the Chair of the Vassar 150 World Changing Campaign

In 2013/14, the first fiscal year following completion of the Vassar 150: World Changing campaign, our College continued to reap the benefits of the campaign’s extraordinary success.

Some of the innovations made possible by that unprecedented outpouring of generosity are highlighted on the preceding pages. The continuing benefits can also be measured in dollars: During fiscal year 2013/14, Vassar received $42,736,739 in cash, much of it in fulfillment of pledges made during the campaign.

Even as we celebrated the success of this earlier endeavor, we were turning our attention to the College’s future. That is why it is so encouraging that 13,467 donors combined to contribute $33,181,294 in new gifts and pledges to Vassar over the same period. Some 11,523 of those donors gave a total of $9,053,935 to the College through Annual Fund donations; these unrestricted gifts are particularly important because they allow Vassar maximum flexibility in applying resources to its greatest needs.

As always, everyone who donated to Vassar – alumnae/i, parents and friends; individuals, foundations and corporations – deserves a sincere vote of thanks. Every dollar contributed to our College is deeply valued and appreciated.

The honor roll that follows consists of those donors who made giving to Vassar a philanthropic priority by making a leadership gift to the College during this past fiscal year. I want to extend to the members of that group my gratitude for their foresight and generosity as they help us to lead Vassar into an even brighter future.


Barbara Manfrey Vogelstein Signature

Barbara Manfrey Vogelstein ’76

Chair, Development Committee, Board of Trustees

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